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Periodic support

It is also possible that your employees set aside a small amount per month so that our children in Kenya can eat or receive education.

One-time donation

If you are holding a staff party or reception, consider our foundation for a one-time donation. You can contact us for promotional material.

In goods or services

Corporate Social ResponsibilityPublipush takes care of all the printing for us free of charge. Createkst takes care of the websites and the layout of the newsletters. Lisanne Burgers translates the website and newsletters into English. Do you think you can contribute to the work of the Foundation with your services? Do you have connections in Kenya that we can achieve more with? In return we offer you your contribution in the newsletter, your logo in every newsletter and on the website.


You will be kept informed via the digital newsletter, which you will receive twice a year + the annual report. If you wish, you can receive the complete yearbook (against shipping costs) in which the quarterly reports and receipts are included.

Tax deduction

Because we are registered ANBI, you can deduct your donations to our foundation from the tax. In addition, we publish our expenses and costs accurately on this website. See ANBI .


We depend on gifts and donations to give the children in Kenya a better future. Fortunately, in recent years we have been able to call on companies, institutions, churches and schools that have helped us or are still helping us in all kinds of ways. We have also mobilesed the communities in both Mombasa and Nairobi to contribute to the two schools thaat we currently supports, namely Saint Dorcas Education Centre in Nairobi and Child Support Centre in Mombasa.


Private and Individual  donations are often utilised in  projects as follows;

  • In Nairobi we directly suppoet Two Hundred and Fifty students to access education from Child Care up to Secondary Level.
  • In Mombasa we directly support sixty (60) sixty student to access education from Child Care up to Primary level.
  • In both centres we provised pyschosocial and counselling support to the children.
  • All chidren are provided with accomodation and hot meal all at the courtesy of the donation from well wisher 

If you also want to work with us in a project-based way, please contact us.