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At the beginning of 2021, a total of 192 children will be cared for. 75 of them also have the home as a place to stay and sleep. All children receive education from permanent teachers and a number of volunteers. The aim is to have 2 meals a day. The home is headed by Mrs. Jacinta Thaimuta and is officially a ‘local community-based’ local project to support the poorest of the poor.

The Children’s Home St. Dorcas is also an education center for children between 4 and 18 years old. Many students would like to continue their studies after graduation, but then have to find a sponsor, which unfortunately does not always work. The older children can learn woodworking, sewing, etc. in the craft class. Dorcas is authorized to conduct exams, which generates a small source of income, because in addition to the internal students, students also come from outside. At the end of 2019, with the help of the Foundation, a private piece of land was purchased to secure the future of St Dorcas and to be able to invest in new accommodations.

New Saint Dorcas Education Centre New Structure Development - In Progress

The center is located in the middle of two large slums, the Kibera Slums and the Kawangare slums. There are an estimated 60,000 street children in Nairobi. Often they are addicted to sniffing glue/gasoline or other dangerous substances as the only way out to alleviate their misery. St Dorcas has set itself the goal of contributing to give some of these children a better future. Fortunately, thanks to support from the local community and cooperation with local authorities, a lot has already been achieved. We also see that more and more children are taking exams and some are even able to study.

The underlying idea of St. Dorcas is to provide children with education and shelter. In this way we give them the prospect of a better life, so that they can support themselves in the future. In addition, our goal is to improve the harrowing future prospects of this group of children. By providing meals, shelter where necessary, educational resources, and teaching proper behavior through structured education, training and sports. Finally, our goal is to make the St. Dorcas project self-sufficient in the future. Local income is already generated with the kiosk/grain mill funded by our foundation.

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New Sanitation Project - Saint Dorcas Education Centre